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Planning your life around the 2020 Milwaukee Brewers season

There may be only 60 games, but there should be plenty of time to watch.

Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images

The 2020 season will be a unique season to watch. With only 60 games to play, there aren’t as many opportunities to watch the Brewers play this season. However, with less to do during the week as many activities remain shut down, it will also be a bit easier to clear time to watch a game. So, here’s your yearly guide on how to watch the Brewers this upcoming season.

Game Times

With the Brewers exclusively playing Central teams this season, it means that start times will be much more consistent than in previous seasons. The latest start times in 2020 will be 7:15 PM. There will still be a handful of afternoon games, starting as early as 12:05 PM. However, afternoon games will be more sparse, with only 14 of their 60 games starting before 5:00 PM. The other 46 will be starting at 5:30 PM or later. Compared to a normal season (where at least one game in most series is an afternoon game, this is a significant reduction in the number of afternoon games. Also, the afternoon games are mostly on the weekend, with only 2 of the 14 games happening during the week.

Longest Streak of Games in a Row
July 31 - August 16

The longest streak of games will be hitting early in the season. Starting on July 31, the Brewers will play 17 games in a row, They start with a home stand against the Cardinals and White Sox, before traveling to the White Sox, then returning home for series against the Twins and Reds. The streak will conclude with a road trip to the Cubs.

In addition, this is also part of a streak of 33 games in 34 days, as well as 39 games in 41 days to star the season. September is a bit nicer, with four off days planned in the last month of the regular season.

Longest Road Trip
August 13 - August 23

The longest streak of games also coincides with the start of the longest road trip of the season. A four game series against the Cubs that concludes the longest streak of games will also start the longest road trip. After a day off, the Brewers play three against the Twins, and then finish up the road trip with three against the Pirates.

Longest Home Stand
August 24 - September 2

Following their longest road trip of the season is their longest home stand. It kicks off with a four game series against the Reds. Then there is a four game series against the Pirates, and the home stand finishes off with a two game series against the Tigers.

Home/Road by Month

  • July: 1 Home, 6 Road
  • August: 18 Home, 12 Road
  • September: 11 Home, 12 Road

After starting the season with six of seven on the road in July, the schedule balances for road games, with 12 in August and 12 in September. The home games get a bit more bunched up, though. After a single home game in July, the Brewers get 18 of their 30 home games in August, then have a fairly balanced September to finish the season.

Game Times by Day of the Week


  • 2 Off Days
  • 7 Evening Games

Monday is one of the two days of the week where off days are schedule. The first happens on August 17, and the second happens on September 7. Every other Monday has an evening game.


  • 9 Evening Games

As usual, Tuesdays are packed with games. With no All-Star Break, every Tuesday has a game scheduled. Also, they are all at night, as usual.


  • 9 Evening Games

Wednesday ends up being exactly like Tuesday this season. Though there are usually some afternoon games, and potentially an off day or two, that’s not the case this season. All nine games happen in the evening.


  • 4 Off Days
  • 1 Afternoon Game
  • 4 Evening Games

Thursday is the other day of the week that has off days this season. The Brewers only play on five of the nine Thursdays during the season. There is one afternoon game, and the rest will take place in the evening.


  • 1 Afternoon Game
  • 9 Evening Games

Fridays are another day loaded with evening games. There’s only one afternoon game this year, and surprisingly, it’s not against the Cubs. In fact, the games at Wrigley Field on Friday this year are all at night. The one afternoon game is the home opener against the Cardinals.


  • 2 Afternoon Games
  • 8 Evening Games

Saturdays also have several evening game, with a few afternoon games sprinkled in. One afternoon game is the first Saturday against the Cubs, and the other happens in mid-August against the Pirates. The remaining games are all at night.


  • 10 Afternoon Games

As usual, Sunday is a travel day, and the games all take place in the afternoon. It’s the one consistent day this season where you can catch an afternoon game.

That’s it for this year’s guide. Though there’s only 60 games, there’s still plenty of opportunities to catch the Brewers in the next few months. You may have to watch from home more than usual, but you can still get a bratwurst and a cold beverage of choice, and watch or listen to the Brewers as they go for a third straight playoff appearance.