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Report: Brewers doubleheader on Sunday vs. Cardinals postponed as well

It looks like no games will be played this weekend for the Brewers.

Milwaukee Brewers Summer Workouts Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

After two days postponed, there was still some hope that the Brewers and Cardinals could get a double-header in tomorrow so there would be only one game to make up later this season. Unfortunately, it’s looking like that won’t happen as well. Jeff Passan of ESPN is reporting that both games tomorrow will be postponed.

In total this week, 6 members of the Cardinals traveling team (staff and players) have tested positive for COVID-19. Bob NIghtengale also notes that 33 games have been postponed this week (most of those COVID-19 related, though there was also some weather postponements).

The Brewers next opportunity to play will be on Monday, when they are scheduled to start a four-game home-and-home series against the White Sox. Meanwhile, the teams will also have to figure out when/how to make up these three games. The Brewers and Cardinals are not scheduled to play again until September 14, when the Brewers host a three-game series. The only other series is the last one of the regular season, September 24-27 in St. Louis. It’s a bit easier to do since it’s a division opponent, but that could be several extra games squeezed into the end of the season. They could also try to make up a game on an off-day, but that would mean potential extra travel that both teams would want to avoid right now (though one of those off days happens after the Brewers next home series against the Cardinals).