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Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds will not play tonight

Both teams have agreed to not play tonight’s game

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After the Milwaukee Bucks elected to boycott tonight to protest social justice, the Brewers were also discussing how they wanted to respond. They held a team meeting earlier this afternoon, and following that meeting, they have decided to join the Bucks in their stance. They will officially not play tonight.

Shortly after this, the Reds also decided to not play, so neither team will forfeit in this situation:

Jeff Passan also notes that other teams are considering boycotting games tonight as well:

We’ll continue to update as more news comes in tonight.

EDIT: Adam McCalvy reports that the two teams are discussing a doubleheader tomorrow.

EDIT 2: The Seattle Mariners also voted to not play their game tonight. Their game against the San Diego Padres will be postponed as well.

EDIT 3: Here’s a statement from the Brewers and Reds on the decision to not play today:

EDIT 4: MLB’s statement regarding the canceled games: