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Support Milwaukee’s Rookie of the Year candidate with the new “Airbender” t-shirt!

Devin Williams throws the most unique pitch in baseball.

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Is it a changeup? Not quite.

Is it a screwball? No, no exactly.

The most unique pitch in baseball is thrown by Devin Williams, and it has spawned a name all its own — The Airbender.

Milwaukee’s right-handed reliever is dominating hitters this season thanks in large part to the pitch that he’s thrown 52.7% of the time during the summer. It has a spin rate some 400 RPM higher than the next closest “changeup” and a movement profile unlike any other cambio in baseball. Opposing batters have recorded just two hits against the pitch this season.

Using this weapon, Williams has fashioned himself into a legitimate candidate not only for Rookie of the Year, but also National League Reliever of the Year. He has made 22 appearances this season, covering 27.0 innings pitched. In that time he has faced 100 batters and allowed eight hits, nine walks, and struck out a whopping 53. He has allowed only one earned run all season, working out to a 0.33 ERA.

And now to support Milwaukee’s award candidate, you can get the Airbender shirt!

What kind of pitch is Milwaukee’s Devin Williams throwing? An Airbender.

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The cost of the “Airbender” t-shirt is $28 plus shipping. You can order yours by clicking on the link below: