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New logo for Brewers stadium unveiled

Miller Park becomes American Family Field in January 2021

Pittsburgh Pirates v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We’re in the final months of Miller Park being where the Milwaukee Brewers play their home games, and with the name change to American Family Field coming at the start of the new year, it means a new logo for the team’s stadium.

When American Family Insurance bought the naming rights, you had to think the “roof” in their own logo and Miller Park’s roof would play off eachother in some way, and it turns out that was correct.

Here’s the end result released today:

As tacky as the corporate “concept” explanations are, the logo itself seems to be mostly inoffensive. Which is about the best thing you can say about a corporate logo.

It’ll still be hard not to call it “Miller Park,” though.

American Family bought the naming rights to the stadium for twice what MillerCoors was paying for it in a deal that should net the Brewers $4 million a year (or, the average cost of an option year buyout on free agent contracts handed out by David Stearns).