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Cactus League requests that MLB delay start of Spring Training

Rising COVID numbers could put the quest for the 2021 Cactus Cup in jeopardy.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

In less than a month, Spring Training is scheduled to begin in Florida and Arizona. Unfortunately that reality has been placed in jeopardy following the recent announcement by Arizona’s Cactus League.

The Cactus League’s task force, which includes the leagues Executive Director and a number of Arizona Government officials, sent a letter to MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred. In the letter they request that Spring Training be delayed because of the astronomically high COVID-19 infection rates in Maricopa County.

It is believed that Major League Baseball does not have absolute power to delay the season. The MLBPA would have to included.

This obviously impacts the Milwaukee Brewers. Milwaukee plays in the Cactus League, and the Brewers play their Spring Training home games at American Family Fields of Phoenix in Maryvale, Arizona. Maryvale is a suburb of Phoenix, and both are in Maricopa County.

Asked about the possibility of a delay to Spring Training in Arizona, David Stearns said that the Brewers were planning on an on-time arrival to Spring Training and will continue to do so until notified otherwise.

MLB also put out a response indicating that they would continue to consult public health authorities and medical experts as well as the MLBPA regarding any schedule modifications.

The MLBPA also put out a statement saying they “of course” want a safe environment but are still planning for an on-time start to Spring Training and the regular season.