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Milwaukee Brewers listening to trade inquiries on Josh Hader, again

The price for Hader would have to be “overwhelming.”

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I know everyone in the BCB community will be surprised, but it seems the Milwaukee Brewers are listening on trade inquiries regarding Josh Hader. You will be even more surprised by the fact that sources indicate that the price for Hader is “overwhelming.”

David Stearns is always listening on players, but the scuttlebutt around Hader each offseason and trading deadline over the past two years seems to capture the baseball rumor mill more than any other Brewers’ player and maybe any other player in the sport. Other teams obviously want him, and they keep asking Stearns if his price has come down.

According to Murray, the price tag for Hader has come down from “bananas” to “overwhelming.” Seriously the price for Hader has always been high, and it should be. However it would not be a shocking to see Stearns more pliable to a reasonable package than has been the case in the past. We’ll see if this rumor have legs or not. To this point, everything about Hader has been smoke.