See You Next Year, Baseball!

Now that the Brewers are finished, as far as I’m concerned so is the entire MLB season. I'm not the type to have a "second-favorite" team to root for (or third, fourth, and so on). I could possibly make an exception for a feel-good story such as small-market Tampa or KC finally breaking through, and/or cheering FOR a team I otherwise wouldn't based on whom they are playing (Hello 2016 Indians!), but by and large I'm ride-or-die with the Brewers. Since none of the remaining teams fit into the possible exceptions above, for me baseball is over.

This season was notable for me, having attended games in six different ballparks (including two which will likely never again host an MLB game that counts in the standings), bringing my lifetime total to 44 different MLB ballparks.

1. Petco Park, San Diego (Brewers defeated the overrated Padres way back in April)
2. Tropicana Field, St Pete, Fla (saw some guy named Adames hit a double for the Rays)
3. TD Ballpark, Dunedin, Fla (normally the Spring Training & single-A home of the Toronto Blue Jays - saw some guy named Rowdy playing for the Jays)
4. Sahlen Field, Buffalo NY (normally the AAA home of the Blue Jays - former Brewer Jordan Lyles took a severe beating at the hands of Vlad Jr and the gang)
5. Chase Field, Phoenix (Wednesday matinee with a Woodruff win and Hader save)
6. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles (last game of the season, and the Brewers played it like it didn't mean anything....which it didn't)
*also a trip to Field of Dreams, Iowa, but didn’t see a game
Don't worry, I'll be back with posts counting down the days until players #GetThatPension! But until then....see you next year, baseball!