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Milwaukee Brewers GM Matt Arnold rumored to be top candidate for New York Mets gig

Brewers’ Senior VP/GM Reportedly Considered for Mets’ Baseball of Operations Vacancy

Milwaukee Brewers Front Office Directory

Brewers’ Senior Vice President and General Manager Matt Arnold is rumored to be the front runner for the Mets’ President of Baseball Operations role.

The Brewers and the Mets were recently the subject of more front office rumors when the Brewers denied the Mets permission to talk to David Stearns about the same job opening. While Stearns’ contract, which certainly runs through next season and may carry an extension, prevents Stearns from entering the fold, Arnold is another story. He and the Mets have reportedly been in touch and the Mets are rumored to have made Arnold an offer.

Arnold assists Stearns with “day-to-day baseball processes....roster construction, financial planning, staffing and personnel development, contract negotiations, player personnel decisions, player development, medical operations, integrative sports performance, foreign and domestic scouting and analytics.”

If the Mets have made an offer and Arnold accepts, Stearns and the Brewers will be working with a new second at the helm in the front office while the team duringrefines to remain in World Series contention. During his time in Milwaukee, Arnold has previously been connected to openings in Pittsburgh, the Angels, San Francisco, and now the New York Mets.