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Matt Arnold withdraws name from consideration for Mets’ job, will get extension with Brewers

Milwaukee’s front office brain trust will remain intact for now.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers

It has to have been a wild couple of days in the life of Matt Arnold, the General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. Yesterday morning, it was reported that Arnold was considered to be a top candidate to become the President of Baseball Operations for the New York Mets and that the executive may have even already received an offer.

Not long after that, though, the reporting changed. Andy Martino revealed that while the Mets were heavily interested in Arnold, no formal offer had been made. In fact, the Mets had only requested permission to speak with right-hand man to Milwaukee’s lead executive, David Stearns.

Further reporting indicated that the Brewers were not inclined to allow Arnold to interview with the Mets, similarly to how they refused permission for Stearns to talk to New York. The Brewers were able to do this because despite the fact that the title of the Mets’ gig is “President of Baseball Operations” the position still reports to Sandy Alderson, similar to how Arnold currently reports to Stearns. So, a lateral move in terms of the actual decision-making hierarchy.

It wouldn’t be a first for a team to give up player compensation in order to hire a front office executive or field manager away from another team, and that is also apparently a route that the Brewers may have explored with the Mets for the ability to hire Arnold.

In the end, though, Arnold ultimately removed his name from consideration for the job with the Mets. It was revealed later too that he would not only be staying put for now, but signing an extension to remain in Milwaukee for awhile longer, too.

So, Milwaukee’s brain trust will stay intact, at least for now. The focus can turn back to figuring out how to put a better offense on the field in 2022.