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What the experts are predicting for the Milwaukee Brewers in the MLB Playoffs

What do the experts see the Brewers doing this postseason?

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New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

The Brewers are in the postseason for the fourth straight season. After a strong run in 2018, the Brewers haven’t won a postseason game the last two seasons. They’re back in the favored spot for the first round as they play in the NLDS, but there are 11 games to win if they want to bring the city a championship. As the postseason begins, how confident are the experts for this year’s team? Let’s take a look at what some sites around the web are predicting.

CBS Sports (5 Predictions)

  • Lose in NLDS: 3
  • Advance to NLCS: 2
  • Advance to WS: 0
  • Win WS: 0

CBS Sports has the smallest set of experts, and none of them are very excited about the Brewers this season. The majority of experts predict the Braves will defeat the Brewers in the NLDS. A couple predict them advancing to the NLCS, but none see the Brewers advancing any farther than that. (11 Predictions)

  • Lose in NLDS: 4
  • Advance to NLCS: 7
  • Advance to WS: 1
  • Win WS: 0

MLB had 11 experts give their predictions for the MLB playoffs. While the majority of experts seeing them advancing to the NLCS, most don’t see them advancing beyond that. One expert (Mark Feinsand) predicts the Brewers advancing to the World Series, but that’s the farthest prediction that one of their experts had. In that one prediction, the Brewers lose to the Rays in 6 games.

ESPN (36 Predictions)

  • Lose in NLDS: 11
  • Advance to NLCS: 25
  • Advance to WS: 6
  • Win WS: 1

ESPN has the biggest panel of experts predicting the MLB playoffs. Most of them are positive about the Brewers’ chances in the NLDS. However, after that it gets a bit more negative. Only 6 of the 36 experts see the Brewers advancing to the World Series. Going further down, out of all the experts, just David Schoenfield sees the Brewers winning the World Series.

The Athletic (8 Predictions)

  • Lose in NLDS: 3
  • Advance to NLCS: 5
  • Advance to WS: 4
  • Win WS: 1

It’s a smaller panel of experts, but it may be one of the most positive about the Brewers’ chances in this year’s postseason. Of the five experts that did predict the Brewers to defeat the Braves, four see the Brewers advancing past that into the World Series. Once they reach the World Series, it’s expected to be competitive, but not all go in the Brewers’ favor. Jayson Stark has the Rays over the Brewers in 6 games, and Marc Craig has the same result but in 7 games. Eno Sarris has the Astros defeating the Brewers in 6 games. The one expert to predict a World Series victory is Keith Law, who predicts the Brewers will defeat the White Sox in 6 games for their first title.

Overall (60 Total Predictions)

  • Lose in NLDS: 21
  • Advance to NLCS: 39
  • Advance to WS: 11
  • Win WS: 2

There’s the overall totals from these publications. 65% of these experts predict the Brewers advancing to the NLCS, and 18.3% of them predict the Brewers in the World Series. However, only 2 experts (3.3%) predict a Brewers World Series victory. It’s understandable, as the Brewers have some powerhouses to get through. If they advance past the Braves, they’ll have the winner of the Dodgers-Giants powerhouse matchup, though the Brewers can get home field advantage in that series if it is the Dodgers. If the Brewers advance to the World Series, another top team will be awaiting them. They would get home field if it’s the Red Sox or White Sox, but would not against the Rays or Astros.

Everything begins today for the Brewers. Game one takes place this afternoon. While predictions can show confidence in a team’s chances, it all comes down to results on the field.