Building the Revenue For Consistent Winning

The Brewers often complain about being a small market team with revenue limits; but haven't aggressively addressed this challenge the way some other teams have.

For many other baseball teams, revenue generated from operating the baseball team is augmented by cursory ventures. The Cubs have bought up and built out much of neighborhoods around their stadium. Many teams are hand in glove with local tv, radio or internet communications channels. Right here in Milwaukee, the Bucks are showing us how a Deer District can make money and also be a positive PR move.

Although very cutting edge in their player personal strategies, the Brewers have shown little interest in learning from how these other teams expand their revenue through venturing out from baseball. It keeps things pure but it keeps them poor.

All this while having an immense amount of undeveloped land at their disposal and 30,000 people as a captive audience 82 days a year during the summer!

This isn't to say that the Brewers need to turn all those parking lots into the Deer District and destroy the time honored experience of tailgating but there are options:

The Brewers could build high end housing along the outside of the pitcher's eye in center field. The lower levels could be parking garage specifically for those apartments and then the condo apartments (12 stories high) could rise above that.)

An indoor music/entertainment venue (2,000 seats) could be built into the stadium or on one of the most far flung lots to use in the winter and potentially generate revenue from the venue and parking. Or there could be other off season options -- ice rink, indoor volleyball club...

Media connection: Perhaps this isn't owning the tv network that telecasts the games but perhaps this is buying a Milwaukee radio station and making it the flagship radio station providing the opportunity for sponsorships/media buys to include both on site at the stadium and also through the media.

I'm not saying any one of these will increase the pool of funds for paying players by 100M but maybe some combination of these ideas and/or others could increase revenue for player salaries by 20 to 40M annually?

What ideas do you have?