Your Brewers Off Season Plan?

Since this isn't happening on the main page, I thought we could try to continue this tradition here on the fan page. Please copy and paste this format into your own fan post. I recommend that you keep salaries at around $115M but I'm not your Dad, so do what you want.

Current Salary Projections:

$113,000,000 and change.

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries created as an average from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names. You can also trade a player before or after tendering a contract.

[Remember — just because the Brewers may have a non-tender or option decision or free agent signing in real life does not mean that you need to make that exact move for this exercise.]

Omar Narvaez: $4.1M

Willi Adames: $4.0M

Luis Urias: $2.4M

Dan Vogelbach: $2.0M

Rowdy Tellez: $1.9M

Jace Peterson: $1.3M

Brandon Woodruff: $7.1M

Corbin Burnes: $4.0M

Eric Lauer: $2.7M

Adrian Houser: $2.3M

Josh Hader: $10M

Brent Suter: $2.3M

Jandel Gustave: .8M

Please explain why you made some really bad choices here:

Contract Options:

Well this is already done by this point in the season and there weren't really any surprises; but if you want to go into the whole discussion about how stupid mutual options really are, you can do it here:

Free Agency:

Who would you have tried to keep and for how much? Who on the market would you sign? And explain why? We are a very curious group of people, we want to know why. Please remember you do have a budget and check MLBTR if you want a good estimate for the top 50 free agents. You can't pretend to be the Dodgers while living in Wisconsin.


Considering that the Brewers won 95 games last year, it is obviously a great time for a total rebuild. Tell us who goes and who the Brewers get for him.


Ok, you have built a baseball team. Take a good look at what you built. How will it function day to day? Did you leave the team with Brett Suter as your everyday catcher? I hope not. You could get real detailed and project your teams fly ball/ground ball ratio or your anticipated OPS against left handed pitchers that throw a slider 34% of the time or just give an general overview of the strengths and potential weaknesses of your proposed team.