TB’s Offseason Plan

First order of business:

I extend Corbin Burnes for 5 years/$70MM. This gives me 5 years of Burnes/Peralta at mostly peak performance years.

I tender all except Vogelbach.

I then make two trades, #1:

Brandon Woodruff to Seattle for:

Jerred Kelenic & George Kirby

Both are former or current top 10-15 prospects in the game. I get Kelenic post-adjustment to the league and close to taking off. Kirby is a top 5 pitching prospect that’s big-league ready. This is the type of trade I make if I’m trading a top 5-10 starter in the game. Replacing his production with 6+ years of a mid-rotation starter with potential for a TOR. Kelenic is the Waukesha 5-tool i need to improve my core starting next season. Seattle does this trade because they want to contend immediately and have a ridiculous amount of quality big-league ready outfield prospects. This trade allows me to make my next trade.

trade #2:

JBJ & Sal Frelick to Baltimore for

Luis Gonzalez (19) OF

Baltimore can absorb the $17.5MM hit to their payroll and will welcome Frelick to their burgeoning farm system, especially if they have intentions of trading Cedrick Mullins this year or next. I save $9.5MM this season and $8MM next year, plus add a nice lottery ticket to my farm, which has 1 less outfielder that needs inserted to the big-league core.

Free Agent signing:

Jorge Soler—3 years/$36MM

This guy is ready to breakout big-time, imo. His plate discipline took a huge leap forward after his trade to Atlanta and the Brewers can use his RH power in a big way.

Here’s My Team:


1.) Burnes 2.) Peralta 3.) Lauer 4.) Houser 5.) Ashby 6.) Kirby


7.) Hader 8.) Williams 9.) Topa 10.) Perdomo 11.) Cousins 12.) Suter 13.) Mejia


1.) Wong (2B)

2.) Yelich (LF)

3.) Adames (SS)

4.) Tellez (1B)

5.) Soler (DH)

6.) Kelenic (RF)

7.) Urias (3B)

8.) Narvaez (C)

9.) Cain (CF)

10.) Taylor (OF)

11.) Peterson (U)

12.) Brosseau (U)

13.) Severino (C)

Kelinic and Taylor could platoon. Soler and Yelich can alternate LF/DH. Entire team less Cain, Suter and Kelenic is prime aged. Soler trumps Garcia with the bat. A full season of Adames & Tellez adds power overall to the lineup. Kelenic by playoff time should be ready to excel. The core is controlled, less Cain, Wong and Narvaez for 3+ years, with Feliciano ready to replace Narvaez in 23’ & Taylor, Wiemer or Mitchell replacing Cain in 23’, and If Wong is cut loose in 23’, Turang or Zamora or Hamilton. The starting pitching is weakened by losing Woody, but not as much as some think because of Ashby and eventually Kirby. Also Small to the bullpen at some point sooner rather than later joining Kirby who will be the teams 6th starter. This is a great team and because of control and the teams exploding position prospects down on the farm, likely to stay great for quite some time.

2022 Payroll—$112MM