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Thank you all so much, for everything.

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My baseball journey began over seven years ago.

For most of 2014, I was living without cable TV. I spent much of my time listening to the Milwaukee Brewers on the radio, and before long, started listening to different postgame shows and sports radio programming. I found myself becoming frustrated with the analysis and opinions that I was getting, and sought an outlet for myself to express my own thoughts on the game and our local nine.

So in November of 2014, while on a work trip in Toledo, Ohio, I started my own WordPress blog. Within a month, I had been recruited to start managing the FanSided blog Reviewing the Brew, and another eight months or so after that in October of 2015, I was first hired at Brew Crew Ball. My first post for the site was a statistical analysis on Elian Herrera.

In the six-plus years since then, I have published 2,300+ articles on this site and gotten tens of millions of page views, from game threads and recaps, to minor league scouting posts, to statistical analyses, to player profiles, and more. I had a byline at Baseball Prospectus and had some words published in an edition of the BP Annual. I’ve done hundreds of radio spots and have been interviewed and profiled for various newspapers and print stories both locally and nationally as an “expert” on the Brewers and MLB. I have been able to cover games and events as credentialed media.

That all ends today, however. This will be my final day as the managing editor for Brew Crew Ball.

For the last two seasons, I have been involved part-time with the Milwaukee Milkmen independent professional baseball organization as a coach and analyst, specializing in player procurement and development. I am absolutely thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to work for the organization on a full-time basis, with an increased role in baseball operations as well as supporting other aspects of the team’s parent company, ROC Ventures.

When I started writing about baseball online, it never occurred to me that it could lead to the opportunity to work in the game full-time. Those chances just don’t really come to people with my background, you know? I didn’t play the game at any sort of high level. I don’t have a college degree. For me, making a living in baseball is more than a dream come true; it’s the fulfillment of something I never even thought was possible.

Of course, I have been incredibly blessed along the way. I have been in the right place at the right time more than once, and I’ve had amazing support over the years and have worked alongside some truly superlative humans. I’m grateful for the unending support and encouragement that my children and my loved ones have given me, and I have a lot of people to thank for helping me get to this point in my baseball career.

Thank you to Kyle Franzoni for giving me my first opportunity to get paid to write about baseball at RtB. Thank you to Kyle Lobner for his advice and encouragement as I started publishing regularly and for including my earliest work in his Frosty Mug. Thank you to Derek Harvey for giving me the opportunity as a staff writer for BCB, and to Justin Bopp for promoting me to manager when Derek stepped away from the site.

Thank you to all the members of my writing team from over the years. Jaymes Langhrer was the first writer I personally hired for Brew Crew Ball and was a huge support as assistant editor over the years. JP’s time at BCB predates even mine, and he’s been a rock with his late-night availability. Thank you to Ben Reagan for covering so, so many game recaps. Thank you to David Gibson and Lindsey Loberg for all their incredible analysis. Thank you to my irregular contributors over the years like Steven Jewell, Tim Muma, and Jack Stern.

Thank you to Brad Ford for his friendship and constant encouragement, for teaching me how to better evaluate prospects, and for all the daily minor league recaps. Those posts are truly a labor of love. Thank you also to my friend Nick Zettel for giving me the chance to write at Disciples of Uecker and Baseball Prospectus, for helping shape my analytical view of the game, and teaching me that a “fan” can still be critical of their team and demand more. It’s hard to think of two people who have influenced my view on the game over the years more than Brad and Nick have.

Finally, thank you to all of you — the readers and commenters who have followed my work over the years (yes, even the “Local Nine” harasser!). This website wouldn’t exist without all of you, and you all are the reason that Brew Crew Ball will continue to thrive into a new era. The commenting community is what makes this place truly special, and you all have pushed and challenged me to become the best writer and analyst that I’m capable of. There is absolutely no way that I would have earned the chance to work in the game full-time without having this platform.

It is bittersweet to be saying so long to this role and this website and to all of you, but I am over the moon about the opportunities that are ahead of me. I am so grateful to Anthony Barone for first reaching out to me two years ago, for his friendship and mentorship on and off the field, and for his willingness to trust me and push my professional development by increasing my role and responsibilities with the team. I am equally grateful to ROC Ventures COO Dan Kuezni and CEO Mike Zimmerman for finding ways to keep me involved during the uncertainty of the pandemic and building a full-time position for me with the organization. We’ve already made the postseason two straight years and won a league championship in the time we have all been working together, and I firmly believe that the best things are still yet to come for our organization.

From #JuniorGuerraDay to #RyanBraunForever, through a rebuild and then four straight playoff appearances, it has been an awful lot of fun. I am proud of what we accomplished here together at Brew Crew Ball. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”