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Spring Training Game Thread #1: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago White Sox

It’s baseball — kinda!

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers-Workouts Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers begin their march toward the all-prestigious Cactus Cup this afternoon against the Chicago White Sox in the first game of their Cactus League schedule.

A reminder that these games may look more like intrasquad scrimmages than actual baseball games, with teams allowed to end an inning before 3 outs, pull pitchers if they hit a certain pitch count in an inning only to bring them back in to finish work, and decide whether they want to play the entire 9 innings or not. All of this is being done to take things easier on pitcher’s arms this camp, as everyone tries to prepare for a big jump in innings pitched over last season.

For today’s spring opener, both the Brewers and White Sox have agreed to stop after 6 innings today. But still, there are baseball-like activities happening in a live environment today, and that is cool.

First pitch is set for 2:05 p.m. Central. The game is only on the radio in Wisconsin, but if you live out of market, it’s also airing on NBC Sports Chicago.