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Craig Counsell names Josh Hader as traditional "Closer" and offers updates on Brewers' plan at third base

Roster and Injury Developments 8 days from Regular Season Opener

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Milwaukee Brewers Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Left Side of the Infield Timeshare

Orlando Arcia has been moving around the left side of the infield this spring, getting reps at third and shortstop. This materialized in the current plan according to Craig Counsell - for Arcia to share time with Travis Shaw at third and Luis Urías at shortstop. Arcia has been the starting shortstop for the Crew for the last four years. That may change this year, as the Brewers are intent on giving Luis Urías a real shot at short. Urías made limited appearances in 2020, his first season with the Brewers, because of injury, the shortened season, and contracting COVID-19.

Late-Inning Ensemble

The Brewers have assembled a difficult-to-beat late-inning bullpen setup.

Craig Counsell confirmed the team will use Josh Hader more as a traditional closer while Reliever/Rookie of the Year Devin Williams is available to play more of a setup role. Yesterday’s win over the Dodger’s presented us with a preview of what this might look like:

Injury Updates

Missing Jackie Bradley Jr. in the lineup? JBJ hasn’t played the last few days because of minor wrist soreness. Expect him back in the lineup by the end of the week.