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The Milwaukee Brewers current Injured List is big enough to feature a starting lineup

With 14 players on the list, a reasonable starting lineup could be made from the injuries.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers injured list is big. After Corbin Burnes and Zack Godley joined the list, it’s now up to 14 players. Most of the injuries are minor, and manager Craig Counsell even confirmed that. However, the list has reached a size big enough now that the Brewers could field a lineup with their injuries. What would that lineup look like? Let’s take a look.


Currently, the Brewers have four infielders on the injured list:

Tim Lopes (60-day, oblique)
Mark Mathias (60-day, shoulder)
Jace Peterson (10-day, left thumb cryotherapy)
Daniel Robertson (7-day, concussion)

Let’s start with the two “established” infielders in the group. Jace Peterson and Daniel Robertson both have played a significant amount of time in the infield. As Robertson is the only player in the group with significant shortstop experience in the majors, he’ll take that spot. Jace Peterson has played a little shortstop, but only a few games. He naturally fits at second base, with most of his major league playing time there, so he’ll slide in two second base.

That leaves the corner infielders. Tim Lopes and Mark Mathias are a bit of a stretch here, playing most of their major league careers in the outfield so far. However, the Brewers website lists them with the infielders, so we’ll place them here. Tim Lopes has one career start at third, where he played all nine innings that game, so he gets to man third base. Mark Mathias will then get first base, where he’s played three total innings. It’s enough, though, to put those two players in the infield.


Three Brewers outfielders are currently on the injured list:

Lorenzo Cain (10-day, left quadriceps discomfort)
Derek Fisher (10-day, left hamstring injury)
Christian Yelich (10-day, lower back strain)

This one is a bit simpler to set up. Christian Yelich gets left field as his primary position. Lorenzo Cain takes center field. That leaves right field for Derek Fisher. While Fisher has played more left field in his career, he has logged 193 innings in right field, so that’s where he will slot in for this lineup.


There’s also one catcher on the injured list for the Brewers:

Manny Piña (10-day, fractured toe)

Not much to say on how to line this one up. Piña is the only catcher on the injured list, so he gets the catcher spot.


Six pitchers round out the injured list for the Brewers:

Brett Anderson (10-day, strained right hamstring)
Corbin Burnes (undisclosed)
Zack Godley (10-day, right index finger contusion)
Josh Lindblom (10-day, right knee)
Justin Topa (60-day, elbow)
Bobby Wahl (60-day, right oblique strain)

Obviously, your starting pitcher here will be Corbin Burnes. With how well he’s pitched this season, you’re not going with anyone else. After that, it’s a matter of picking a few pitchers to pitch from the bullpen. If I’m only filling this for a game, I’d go with a Corbin Burnes/Brett Anderson tandem. That would be a good pair to go with in a one game scenario.

Starting Lineup

With all of the positions accounted for, here would be the defensive lineup for the Brewers:

P: Corbin Burnes
C: Manny Piña
1B: Mark Mathias
2B: Jace Peterson
3B: Tim Lopes
SS: Daniel Robertson
LF: Christian Yelich
CF: Lorenzo Cain
RF: Derek Fisher

How would we line them up on offense? There’s definitely a few calls to make, but a starting lineup could look something like this:

1: Daniel Robertson
2: Lorenzo Cain
3: Christian Yelich
4: Manny Piña
5: Jace Peterson
6: Tim Lopes
7: Mark Mathias
8: Derek Fisher
9: Corbin Burnes

Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich take the 2-3 spots as two of the more reliable offensive threats. Manny Piña doesn’t have the best average, but he’s a good power hitter to have fourth. It was a tough call for the leadoff spot between Daniel Robertson and Jace Peterson, but I went with Robertson for the slightly stronger OBP. After that, it’s mostly rounding out the lineup with the remaining players.

Is that a lineup that would get to the postseason? Probably not. Is it a lineup that could win some games? Absolutely. Get a strong performance from Corbin Burnes, and have the offense put together a few runs. In a one-game situation, it could be enough to get a win over many teams.

Statistics courtesy of Baseball-Reference, injury statuses from