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Brewers, Milwaukee health officials to allow tailgating starting next homestand

Fire up the grills.

MLB: SEP 17 Padres at Brewers Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Make sure your Meat Man is ready — tailgating is back at American Family Field starting when the team returns home next week.

The Brewers made the announcement Wednesday morning after dropping hints over the last couple days — and public health officials in Milwaukee getting asked the question just about every time they’ve been interviewed since the start of the season.

Disturbing racing sausage cannibalism aside, it’s good news for fans, and seems to follow some logical sense — if you’re allowed to eat and drink with your “pod” inside the stadium, you should probably be allowe to eat and drink with your “pod” outside the stadium as well.

There are still some rules to follow, which the team outlines on their website, many of which applied for tailgating in the Before Times and are still in place now.

There is one addition for now, though: tailgating will only be allowed at single vehicles for people sitting in the same seating pod (groups of 2, 4 or 6), and you’ll need to remain in the immediate vicinity of your car. Call it a compromise — you can tailgate before the game, but they’re not allowing people to meander through the parking lot and stumble into random games of cornhole.

It may not be quite what we’re used to, but at least the smell of grills won’t be missing from the team’s next homestand.