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Milwaukee Brewers announce promotional schedule for remainder of 2021

Nine bobblehead games and nine theme nights, along with several weekends honoring decades of the team,. highlight the promotional schedule

Philadelphia Phillies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With the Brewers set to increase to 100% capacity next month, the team is getting ready for full crowds to return to the stadium. Earlier today, the Brewers announced their plans for ticket sales and promotions for the remainder of the season. The schedule includes when tickets will go on sale, as well as a promotion schedule that includes many promotions that were originally planned for 2020.

First, the Brewers announced the days when tickets will go on sale for remaining games this season. Tickets for games through May 27 are on sale now. Starting on May 22 @ 10 AM, tickets will go on sale for the remainder of the 50% capacity games (May 31-June 16). Then, on June 4, tickets for the remainder of the season will go on sale.

In the original plan for 2020, the Brewers had planned to honor each of the decades of the team as part of their 50th anniversary. However, those celebrations were missed due to the pandemic shortened season. So, the Brewers will honor those this season. Here are the planned weekends:

  • 1970s: June 4-6
  • 1980s: June 25-27
  • 1990s: July 9-11
  • 2000s: August 20-22
  • 2010s: September 2-4

The Brewers will also offer several ticket offers throughout the remainder of the season. 23 of the remaining 62 games will have a ticket offer of some type. Here’s what they will offer:

  • 4 5-County Fridays
  • 6 Miller High Life Mondays
  • 8 Kids & Seniors Days
  • 8 Miller Lite Beerpen Nights
  • 10 Student Nights

There are also several theme nights on the schedules. Here are the planned nights (each will require a specific ticket for the giveaway):

  • June 5: Peanuts Night (Woodstock Bobblehead)
  • June 12: Hawaiian Shirt Night (Brewers themed Hawaiian shirt)
  • June 14: Pride Night (Fanny Pack)
  • June 26: Top Gun Night (Brewers Top Gun shirt)
  • July 10: Flannel Night (Brewers flannel shirt)
  • July 24: Negro Leagues Tribute Game (Milwaukee Bears hat)
  • August 21: Cerveceros Day (Cerveceros jersey)
  • September 5: Star Wars Night (Lorenzo Cain Jedi boblehead)
  • September 26: WWE Night (WWE Bob Uecker bobblehead)

Finally, there’s a set of fan giveaways that will happen throughout the season. Most are limited to a certain number of fans, though there are some all fan giveaways (a ticket for the game is still required). As usual, there’s a set of bobblehead nights planned throughout the season, some set to honor a specific decade in the Brewers history.

  • June 6: 1970s Hank Aaron Bobblehead (All Fans)
  • June 13: Christian Yelich 40 HR Bobblehead (All Fans)
  • June 27: 1980s Paul Molitor Bobblehead (First 35,000)
  • July 11: 1990s Robin Yount Bobblehead (First 35,000)
  • July 25: Lorenzo Cain Gold Glove Bobblehead (First 35,000)
  • August 8: Christian Yelich 30-SB Bobblehead (First 35,000)
  • August 22: 2000s Ben Sheets Bobblehead (First 35,000)
  • September 5: 2010s Ryan Braun Bobblehead (First 35,000)
  • September 25: Talking Bob Uecker Bobblehead (First 35,000)

There’s also a set of t-shirt nights, each corresponding with a weekend set aside to look at a specific decade of the Brewers.

  • June 4: 1970s 34 Sleeve Brewers Raglan T-Shirt (First 10,000)
  • June 25: 1980s Brewers Ringer T-shirt (First 10,000)
  • July 9: 1990s Brewers Short-sleeve T-Shirt (First 10,000)
  • August 20: 2000s Brewers T-shirt (First 10,000)
  • September 3: 2010s Brewers T-shirt (First 10,000)

There’s also a few other fan giveaways that will happen during the season.

  • July 8: MLB Network Reusable Tote (First 10,000)
  • July 20: Devin Williams Poster (First 10,000)
  • August 7: Brewers Cooler Bag (First 10,000 21+)
  • September 24-26: Brewers Magnetic Schedule (All Fans)