GET THAT PENSION!!! (September Update)

Its me again... obsessing over the pensions of 20-somethings. Not a whole lot of change since the beginning of August, but here's the list anyway (Service time through Aug 31, 2021)

Aaron Ashby: 13 days. (if he sticks with the big club through the end of the season he'll get there, otherwise he'll have to wait until next year)

Alec Bettinger: 16 days. (no change)

Jake Cousins: #GotThatPension!!!

Dylan File: Never appeared in the majors, but thanks to some creative roster shuffling, he #GotThatPension!!!

Angel Perdomo: #GotThatPension!!!

Miguel Sanchez: #GotThatPension!!!

Mario Feliciano: 1 day (no change)

Corey Ray: 3 days (no change)

Bonus Entry: Patrick Weigel: 27 days (no change)

Let's see if the September call-ups will push anybody on this list ever closer, or if we get any new entries (players who make their MLB debuts) before the regular season is done.