The Return of K-Pop - (G)I-DLE


Welp, let's see if I remember how to do this...

Today's Gif:


Hey, AKBrewFan, who is that?

Meet Soyeon, the leader, lead songwriter, and main rapper of (G)I-DLE. She's an absolute supernova of talent. She's written some darn good songs and I think her rapping is unmatched by any other girl group member.

(G)I-DLE has got to be one of the most currently successful girl groups that isn't under a Big Three company (SM, YG, or JYPE). They're so successful that Cube Entertainment has (sadly) basically given up on their previous girl group, CLC.

But are any of their songs, like, good?

I think so! Their hit rate on singles that I like is about 50/50, but plenty of folks really enjoy the ones I'm not a big fan of, so...

Let's check them out!

Senorita - This is Latin pop inspired, as you might guess from the title. I particularly enjoy the brass in the chorus.

Blow Your Mind - One of the rare songs not written by Soyeon - another member, Minnie, wrote this one. It's got a chill vibe that I quite enjoy. The gif is from this self-shot music video.

Dumdi Dumdi - Bright and catchy. This is a quintessential K-Pop summer song.

Honorable mentions: I'm The Trend might be my favorite (G)I-DLE song. Yuqi's solo song Bonnie & Clyde makes excellent use of her unusually deep timbre and as a bonus, it's in English. Soyeon's solo song Beam Beam is way more straight ahead pop than I expected it to be, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

It's not technically a (G)I-DLE song, but Soyeon (Akali) and Miyeon (Ahri) are half of the original lineup of K/DA, and POP/STARS has 460 million views. If that sentence was gibberish to you, don't worry about it. It's video game stuff.