Regular Season Favorite Moments

Let me keep this short and sweet, please tell me your favorite 2021 Brewers games. I shall start.

1. Vogelslam vs cards. This day was my nieces wedding day, and upon arrival I told my brother Brewers were not faring well and it looked gloomy. You all know the rest.

2. Game 3 vs dodgers in april, brewers win in extra innings on mayors bat. woodruff gave up leadoff homer and is the game dustin may got hurt in but was probably the game in which i felt great things for this team were coming.

3. The pineapple gloves giveaway game, 17-4 victory over the Cubs. I have so much love for the pineapple.

So many moments this year, I would really like to see your fellow fans top 3 moments this year. LETS GO!!