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Brew Crew Ball News Roundup - January 28, 2022

American Family Field gets a new addition, and the minor leagues could thrive this year.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As the lockout continues, most of baseball remains quiet as we wait for news about a new deal. However, the Brewers have continued preparing for the 2022 season. One of their new additions to American Family Field is a cocktail bar that will have a view of the field. They showed a sample picture of the new addition on Twitter yesterday.

Meanwhile, if the MLB season remains locked out once April hits, the minor leagues and independent leagues will be the one place that professional baseball will continue. ESPN spoke with several teams (both affiliated and unaffiliated) about the minor league restructure, and many teams on both sides said that the experience ended up better than they expected.

Also, Brewers #1 pick Sal Frelick recently had an interview with NorEasters Baseball about his multi-sport amateur career. Jim Goulart has a link to part of the interview that had been recorded.