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Milwaukee Brewers reliever Devin Williams talks about his season ending injury

Devin Williams missed the postseason after breaking his hand, and The Athletic gets more information on the injury.

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New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

After the Milwaukee Brewers clinched the NL Central near the end of September, there was a lot of celebration over the Brewers taking the division title again for the second time in four years. Unfortunately, that celebrating was tempered pretty quickly, when news came out a few days later that reliever Devin Williams broke his hand punching a wall, and would likely be out for the season. It was a sobering moment for the team as the Brewers took a big hit in their pitching staff.

With three months passed since the incident, Williams sat down with Will Sammon of The Athletic to discuss what happened that night and how he dealt with the following days when he had to tell the team and his teammates. The broken hand happened that night after the game, when Williams had been in an altercation with another person. According to Williams:

“I was upset over an altercation,” Williams told The Athletic recently. “Instead of taking it out on that person, I walked away, hit a wall. You know, release some frustration? And … yeah.”

It took a few days after that before Williams knew the extent of the injury. He went to St. Louis the following Tuesday expecting to be able to pitch, but the pain was unbearable from playing catch and the team sent him for X-rays. Those revealed the break, and the news was revealed to the team the next day. Williams struggled to speak with the team on what happened, but he did and the team just showed him support. One of his biggest supporters was Hunter Strickland, who had been through a similar experience in his career.

The article is a good look into what happened with Williams and what he has gone through in the past few months, learning to forgive himself and move on, and prepare for the upcoming 2022 season.