Making The Playoffs -- October 3 -- By The Numbers

There is no value in looking backwards at the games lost to very bad baseball teams.

Looking forward, the math is simple:

Phillies lose three. The Brewers win three. The Brewers make the playoffs.

This isn't because the Phillies or even the Padres have been winning baseball games. The lowest wildcard slot could very well be won with 87 wins.

So let me tell you about Alex Hall. Because his story might matter to you someday (when you do that survey of who was on the 2022 Brewers. Be sure to not confuse him with Alex Jackson.)

Alex Hall is one of my favorite stories of the year. Alex Hall made the jump from A ball to MLB on June 2, 2022. And was designated for assignment back to the minors on June 3, 2022. What I don't know is if he got paid for one or two days for that work?

That would be a big difference to him.