How did the Brewers do at your three keys to the season? How did your bold predictions fair?

Back in April many of us engaged in a couple of fan posts:
What are your three keys to the season and Three Bold Predictions. How did you do? Were you right? Were you bold?

Here were my three keys and how they turned out:

1. The left side of the infield is for real.

Failed: It wasn't a repeat of 2021. Adames OPS was down 130 points largely due to an inability to get on base. Urias was down 60 points and down 100 plate appearances. The left side of the infield was ok but 2021 may have been an anomaly.

2. One of the big three doesn't have his arm fall off.

Peralta's arm fell off. Enough Said.

3. Someone steps up. Ideally, it is Hiura.

Although Hiura out performed some projections in some ways. No one really stepped up and took their game to a next level this year. Renfroe is perhaps the closest.

And my three Bold Predictions:

1. Eric Lauer will have a break out year. It won’t be a Cy Young caliber year, but Lauer will be second among starters in WHIP and ERA.

Although Lauer did pitch more innings, he was worse this year than last year.

2. Keston Hiura will get 500 plate appearances with Milwaukee and be above league average with an OPS above .775.

Hiura did end up with a OPS of .765 but in only 266 plate appearances. Not a failure but not the breakout I predicted.

3. The Brewers win the World Series.

Nope. If things had broken right, see three keys above, they might have had a real chance with the pitching that they can throw out there in any given series. Neither the keys nor the bold predictions held up and neither did the team.

So how did you do? Did you correctly identify some keys to the Brewers success? Did any of your bold predictions come true?