Knowledge, Guile, etc. Steel Penny contest #2 Final

The results are in, and both Rock Chalk Brewhawk and Ianhanseter each got 6 of 10 correct. RCB was closer on the Suter wins with 8 over Ianhanseter's 11. Congratulation RCB. I will get you the steel penny!

Special Shout-Out to those who thought Avi Garcia would have a higher OPS+ than Renfroe, Woof!

You can check your guesses here:

1. Most innings pitched by a Brewer this year:

A. Woodruff

B. Burnes--***

C. Peralta

D. Houser

E. Lauer

F. Someone else (post name in comments)

2. Most innings at first base this year:

A. Tellez--****

B. Hiura

C. Jace

D. Someone else (post name in comments)

3. First Brewer to be traded or DFAed

A. Houser

B. Lauer

C. Cain

D. Hiura

E. Gott

F. Urena---****

G. Other (post name in comments)

4. Brewer who will lead the team in plate appearances this year:

A. Wong

B. Yelich--*****

C. Adames

D. Renfroe

E. Urias

F. Other (post name in comments)

5. First Brewer to get ejected this year:

A. Counsell-****

B. Other (post name in comments)

6. Most innings pitched by these "secondary" relievers

A. Gustave

B. Gott

C. Urena

D. Hoby Milner--****

E. Angel Perdomo

7. Who has the greater OPS+ this year

A. Renfroe-126-***

B. Avi Garcia-65

8. Yelich Home Runs this year

A. Under 10

B. 11-15--14 ***

C. 16-20

D. 20-25

E. Over 25

9. Second most games starting as the Brewers' DH

A. McCutchen (see what I did there?)

B. Tellez

C. Narvaez

D. Braun (this tripped up some of you last year)

E. Yelich--***

F. Other (post name in comments)

10. Brewers Home Run Leader this season

A. Renfroe

B. Tellez--****

C. McCutchen

D. Yelich

E. Taylor

F. Other (post name in comments)

Tie Breaker: Total Pitcher Wins for Brent Suter this season--5