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Brew Crew Ball News Roundup - February 1, 2022

Concern is building for the 2022 season.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we posted a poll to check in on how worried you are about games in the 2022 season being cancelled. The poll showed that there’s a reasonable amount of concern out there right now. 73% of voters rated themselves at a 3 or higher when asked how concerned they are that games will be cancelled in the upcoming season.

A few weeks ago, Dave Szymborski released his ZiPS projections. There’s plenty to review in the projections, but Will Sammon of The Athletic found some stats to focus on. He focused on five projections, and used other stats to justify why those projections are reasonable.

A sad piece of news also came out yesterday, that former Brewers outfielder David Green had passed away. Green was part of an important trade in Brewers history, as he was included in the trade package that brought Rollie Fingers, Ted Simmons, and Pete Vuckovich to the Brewers before the 1982 season.