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Brew Crew Ball News Roundup - February 11, 2022

A delay to Spring Training is likely coming soon, though some concessions have been made in the negotiations.

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MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

As negotiations continue for the new CBA, it appears to be inevitable that spring training games are going to start getting cut. However, no one has officially made that announcement yet. A meeting is set for Saturday as MLB will make its newest proposal. It’s unlikely this proposal will close the gap enough to change that.

Meanwhile, some new changes have been agreed to starting in the upcoming season. Reports came out yesterday that the owners have agreed to a universal DH and a draft lottery. The universal DH will help protect pitchers from having to bat and take unnecessary injuries, while adding a new full-time position for NL teams. Meanwhile, a draft lottery will de-incentivize tanking, since it will no longer guarantee a high draft pick.

Looking back to the prospect rankings, Keith Law also has the overall farm rankings for the MLB organizations. Not surprisingly, the Brewers are still near the bottom of the rankings, but they are making improvements. Law ranks the Brewers at #26 in his current rankings, up 2 spots from his previous rankings. He notes that recent strong drafts and international signings have helped the organization begin to refill the minor league system.