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Milwaukee Brewers add Josh Maurer to the broadcast booth as the radio team shifts with new responsibilities

Maurer will call 60 games, mostly when Jeff Levering is not available.

Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

This morning, the Brewers announced a new addition to their Brewers radio team, bringing in Josh Maurer to work on some radio broadcasts. Formerly with the Triple-A Worcester Red Sox and Boston College Eagles, Maurer is an addition to the team as the Brewers will be shifting around the roles of some of their announcers. Maurer also helped fill in for some Phillies TV broadcasts last season.

Adam McCalvy has the details on how the team will be shifting:

  • Bob Uecker’s role will remain the same, so don’t worry about him. He’ll be returning to the booth to call home games in 2022.
  • Brian Anderson will only be on 50 Brewers TV broadcasts in 2022.
  • Jeff Levering will step in to call the remaining approximately 110 TV broadcasts as part of a new contract he signed, and will be on the radio for the other games. Levering was on about 90 TV broadcasts in 2021.
  • Lane Grindle will focus on road games as before, with Maurer joining him on many of those broadcasts.
  • Matt Lepay announced he will not return after eight years in the broadcast booth, needing to focus more on his commitments with the Wisconsin Badgers.

It will still be a great team calling games for the Brewers, though some will be in new roles. Now we just have to hope there will be games to broadcast for the upcoming season.