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MLB and MLB Players Association can’t agree on new CBA, regular season to be delayed

No agreement could be reached so the season will be delayed.

Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

Over the last week, MLB and the Players Association has made a push to get a new CBA signed. The push was enough for MLB to extend their “deadline” before regular season games were cancelled to today. The hope was that the remaining road blocks would be cleared in today’s negotiations. Unfortunately, the two sides were not able to cover the remaining ground, and the negotiations are over for now. According to Evan Dietrich of The Athletic, the players rejected the owners last offer, and Ken Rosenthal adds one player called it a “slap in the face”. The players were then seen leaving the meetings. Bob Nightengale notes that for the first time since 1995, regular season games will be missed due to a work stoppage.

Both sides will hold press conferences later today. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will hold one at 5 PM ET today, and the union will have their own conference later today. For now, it’s unclear when regular season games will happen. There’s no plans for when negotiations will resume at this point. Games are cancelled indefinitely. It’s a depressing day, to say the least.