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MLB Players vote to accept new CBA, per report

Baseball may return on April 7

MLB: Contract Negotiations The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NETWORK

Yesterday, it looked like the CBA negotiations were going to continue for a while. However, negotiations continued after yesterday’s deadline, and now, it looks like we may have a deal. Report from several sources is that the union has accepted the owners’ most recent deal, and it just needs ratification from the owners (which is expected to be a formality).

If the deal is ratified, the flood gates on the MLB offseason will open. The transaction freeze will be lifted, and players can report to camp as soon as possible. Despite MLB cancelling a second week of games yesterday, the new Opening Day is expected to be on April 7.

According to reports, the vote of the player representatives (30 team representatives plus an 8 player council) was 26-12. We don’t know the details on the final deal yet, but will report those as soon as they are available.

For the first time in a while, we can breath a sigh of relief and get ready for the season. As long as the deal is finalized, major league baseball is back.