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MLB owners unanimously ratify new CBA

Get ready for an avalanche of news.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

After the players officially voted in favor of the new CBA earlier today, it was just a matter of time before the owners would follow suit. The owners officially scheduled their vote for 6 PM EST today, and it passed a short time ago. According to Bob Nightengale, the owners voted in favor of the new CBA unanimously (30-0). With their ratification, the lockout will officially be over, and we can get back to baseball in MLB.

The next few days will be crazy. Once the transaction freeze is lifted (according to Evan Drellich, it will happen at 7 PM EST), there is a lot to do and only a little time to do it all. In the next few days, into spring training, the following will happen:

  • Free agents will sign with teams.
  • Trades will start back up.
  • Players on arbitration contracts will have to negotiate their contracts for 2022, and potentially have arbitration hearings. (MLB Trade Rumors reports a date of March 22 for exchanging figures, and notes hearings won’t happen until after Opening Day.)
  • Players need to report to Spring Training in 3 days.
  • International players will need to figure out visas.
  • Schedule (for spring training and the regular season) will have to be adjusted.
  • Ticket sales will ramp back up for the adjusted dates.

There’s plenty more to happen, but those are just some of the big points. Get ready for a crazy few days.