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Brewers release new spring training schedule

Schedule will feature 18 games starting on March 18

Major League Baseball Suspends Spring Training Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

As spring training ramps up, we will not have to wait long to see some game action again. Earlier today, the Brewers released their new spring training schedule. The schedule has been reworked from the original schedule, so it’s a completely new schedule instead of adding on to the previous one. The schedule features 18 games, beginning on March 18 with a trip to the Dodgers. The home schedule will open two days later against the Padres.

The overall spring training game schedule is 20 days long, though the Brewers will begin on the second day of games. They will have one off day right in the middle of the schedule on March 27. In addition, there will be no split-squad games. though only a few teams will feature split-squad days. The schedule is also a bit unbalanced. Teams will play between 17 and 21 games, though most teams will get 18. The Diamondbacks will have the most games at 21, which will include two split-squad days. The Guardians will play 20 games (including one split-squad day), and the Rockies and Cubs will play 19 games (Cubs have one split-squad day as well). Meanwhile, the Giants, Rangers, and Royals will only play 17 games. Every other team plays 18 games.

Times for games, along with broadcast information, will be announced at a later date.