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MLB Opening Day: Planning your life around the 2022 Milwaukee Brewers season

It took an extra week, but we’re finally here.

Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images

It took an extra week to get to this point, but we’re finally here. The 2022 season starts today, with the Brewers and Cubs leading off all of MLB with a matchup at Wrigley Field. There’s 162 games to watch again this year, so let’s get you ready by planning your life around this season.

2022 Schedule by Day of Week and Time

Day of Week 11 AM to 2 PM 2 to 5 PM 5 to 8 PM After 8 PM Off Day
Day of Week 11 AM to 2 PM 2 to 5 PM 5 to 8 PM After 8 PM Off Day
Monday 0 4 10 2 10
Tuesday 0 0 23 2 1
Wednesday* 8 4 12 0 1
Thursday* 4 5 8 1 9
Friday 2 0 22 2 0
Saturday 4 7 15 0 0
Sunday 23 2 1 0 0
Total 41 22 91 7 21

* - Wednesday games do not include the final game of the season with a TBD start time. Also, Thursday games have the doubleheader split at one between 2 PM and 5 PM, and one between 5 PM and 8 PM.

The schedule is about what we’re used to for a regular season schedule for the Brewers. Your off days will generally be Monday or Thursday, and most games start in that 5 PM to 8 PM window. Sunday evenings should also be pretty free. Not much to worry about for late-night games this season, with only 7 games set for start times after 8 PM.

2022 Schedule by Month

Month Home Away Off Day
Month Home Away Off Day
April 10 13 1
May 10 18 3
June 14 13 3
July 12 12 7
August 15 12 3
Sept/Oct 20 13 3

The Brewers schedule in 2022 is weighted for less home games in the early season, and more in the later season. 32 of the Brewers’ first 52 games in 2022 will be on the road. June and July are more balanced for the team, with about equal numbers of home and road games. However, once August hits, the Brewers will get to enjoy the home field quite a bit. 35 of the Brewers final 57 games will be happening in Milwaukee.

Longest Home Stand: September 27 - October 5 (2 vs. Cardinals, 4 vs. Marlins, 3 vs. D-backs)

Before the lockout, the Brewers didn’t have a homestand longer than seven games. However, because of the lockout delaying the season by a week, the Brewers ended up with a nine-game homestand to end the season. They will face the Cardinals to finish up their games against NL Central teams, then have a series against the Marins and D-backs to finish out the schedule. It’s a well-timed homestand that could help them with a late season playoff push.

Longest Road Trip: May 23 - June 1 (3 @ Padres, 4 @ Cardinals, 3 @ Cubs)

The Brewers longest road trip features series against two of the Brewers biggest rivals. After a short trip to the west coast, the Brewers get the back-to-back series against the rivals in St. Louis and Chicago.

Longest Streak of Consecutive Games: August 26 - September 11 (18 games in 17 days)

While the lockout gave the Brewers a nice homestand to finish the season, it also added a streak of days without an off-day. At the end of August, the Brewers will start of stretch of days where they will play 18 games in 17 days, including a rescheduled doubleheader against the Giants. There is also another streak of 17 straight days with games (May 20 - June 5), but the other streak takes the title in 2022 due to the doubleheader that is scheduled.

West Coast Road Trips

May 23-25 @ San Diego
June 14-17 @ San Francisco
August 22-24 @ Los Angeles
September 1-7 @ Arizona, Colorado

The west coast road trips are broken out throughout the season once again. It’s several short trips to the west coast again, with only one longer trip near the end of the season. That trip won’t even affect the ability to watch games much, since the Rockies series has two afternoon games and the night game is still at a reasonable 7:40 PM start.

Schedule Quirks

  • It’s been a while since the Brewers have visited the Orioles. The last meeting between the two that happened in Baltimore was June 13-15, 2003. Meanwhile, the Rays will visit American Family Field for the first time since June 20-22, 2011.
  • The Brewers have a one-day home stand in April. Due to the rescheduled games from the first week of the season, the Brewers will have an interesting week between April 22 and 28. They travel to Pennsylvania for a three-game road trip against the Phillies, return to American Family Field for a game against the Giants, then go back to Pennsylvania for three against the Pirates.
  • On a related note, the Brewers will host a traditional doubleheader on September 8 against the Giants to make up the other two games. One ticket will cover entry for both games.
  • How does a New York tour at American Family Field sound? That’s coming to the park in mid-September, when the Yankees (September 16-18) and Mets (September 19-21) both visit back-to-back.

With that, you’re ready to plan your life around the 2022 season. There’s plenty of baseball to watch and no more worries about missing games. It’s time to sit back and enjoy.