Since the big league team is going through a bit of a rough patch. Maybe it might be more fun to talk about some MiLB players who might be primed for a breakout.

I'll start with Carolina since the have maybe the most unbalanced schedule I've ever seen. They don't play a team with a current winning record until September and their first 2 months was murder's row schedule-wise (which might explain some early struggles).

Jackson Chourio: What else can be said at this point? He has elite tools (Power/Hit/Speed/Arm/Fielding) and they are on full display day after day. A .259 ISO at A- as a 18 year old is extremely impressive. Hit/power (especially power) is his calling card. He needs to just keep doing what he is doing.

Hedbert Perez: After an abysmal start to the season (first 25 games .167/.220/.255/.475) he has really begun to shown some of his potential (last 22 games .281/.326/.573/.899). He still is potentially a power LHH corner OF. He has shown as more of a free swinger than initially thought and his BB rate needs to improve. At 19 he is still young for the league. Power is his calling card tool. Arm is average and likely can handle CF (if Chourio wasn't there), but may end up as a LF. Needs to work on pitch recognition/selection (34%K rate and 6% BB rate).

Eduardo Garcia: got off to a hot start (first 20 games: .325/.360/.506/.866) before slowing down a bit of late (last 32 games: .248/.270/.350/.620). His 2.6% BB rate needs to improve. He has 5 above average tool potential, but defense is his calling card with plus arm and fielding. Needs to work on pitch recognition/selection (31%K rate and 3% BB).

Hendry Mendez: Kind of the forgotten man in the OF. He is still very young for A- (age 18). He is a LHH with good zone awareness (18% BB, 19%K). Hit over power though he has above average potential for both. Potential above average run, arm, and field (could play CF if not blocked). He needs to focus on making more hard contact (.076 ISO and .272 BABIP).

Jefferson Quero: Originally thought of as a bat first (power over hit) C though his receiving and framing have improved drastically. Strong arm at C and potential plus defender overall. Offensively he has a solid BB rate (10%) and K rate (22%). Below average runner (aren't all catchers). He has a long way to go. Calling card is arm/power. He needs to try to focus on getting more hard contact (.107 ISO and .305 BABIP) and keep honing on his defense.