GET THAT PENSION!!! (June 2022 version)

Hello there, Cats and Kittens. It's been a while since I've been on here. Something weird was going on with my login, but it all seems to be cleared up now.

So anyway, when the Brewers broke camp, there wasn't anybody on the roster anywhere near the #GetThatPension threshold, nor were any players who still needed to make their MLB debut. TECHNICALLY Aaron Ashby was a rookie on Opening Day, but nothing else to fill a post such as this one.

How times have changed!

Since the latter part of May, there have been FIVE newbies on the 26-man roster, with 4 of them "officially" making their debuts in the Bigs!

So it might be a while for any of the following to reach the threshold, but let's crank up the #GetThatPension Tracker anyway!

(Through Sunday, June 5)

Ethan Small - 1 day, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of this kid.

Peter Strzelecki - 4 days.

Luke Barker - 5 days.

Jason Alexander - 5 days

Alex Hall - 1 day.

Speaking of our porn star-mustachioed friend from Down Under, isn't that an incredible story? Here's a kid whose Big League dream is WAAAAYYY down the road (assuming it even ever happens, given the statistical unlikelihood), who by a stroke of good fortune finds himself a member of the Milwaukee %#*@ing Brewers! This is like when the "emergency goalie" (who's literally a 30 year old former college player who gets to come to the game for free) finds himself suiting up because one of the ACTUAL goalies - for either team - got hurt. People pay big money to go to fantasy camps and get a whiff of Major League life, and here he is getting the chance to experience it for real!

It's interesting to calculate everything Alex Hall got from his 1-day call-up, beyond the immeasurable things like "experience" and "story to tell my kids one day." He was paid a single day of Major League salary, which by my calculations is in the neighborhood of $3,800. Health insurance for life (I didn't look this one up, but seem to recall that's what players get. Perhaps no longer the case because of the new CBA?). He was added to this Wikipedia page. Do you think he got to keep his uniform, or give it back? But the best part, of course, is that HE WILL GET A World Series RING WHEN THE BREWERS WIN IT THIS YEAR!!!