Your Trade Deadline Plan

As we wander through this All Start break and into the waning days of July, the trade deadline of August 2 quickly approaches much as a thirsty man approaches a glass of spit. With great anticipation for additions to the MLB club and great apprehension about potential loss of key prospects, we may explore the great expanse of selling, buying, building and rebuilding.

I am certain that David Stearns looks to our combined knowledge to counsel his thinking during this time. So lets get started. What is your trade deadline plan? Ideally include all the trades in one plan so that other folks have adequate fodder on which to feed and a breadth or opportunities to describe how totally wacked your plan is.

Because, the real reason each of us comes here is because we do not experience enough public ridicule in our lives.

Thanks for playing along. And some time soon, I will put my plan in the comments as well.