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Game Thread #86: Milwaukee Brewers (48-37) vs Pittsburgh Pirates (34-50)

Brandon Woodruff looks to extend his dominance since his return from the IL

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Tampa Bay Rays Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers and Pirates play an afternoon game today, and it’s Brandon Woodruff on the mound again. Since returning from the IL, he’s been back to his dominant self. In his two starts since his return, he’s pitched 11 innings, allowed just one run, and struck out 18 batters compared to zero walks. He now gets the Pirates, and this will be his third start against them this season. His first start on April 20 was very good as he pitched six scoreless innings. He second start wasn’t as good, allowing four runs in four innings on April 26.

On the other side, the Brewers will face Zach Thompson of the Pirates (and not Zack Thompson of the Cardinals). The Brewers have faced Thompson twice so far this season. In their first game against him on April 18, they scored six runs in four innings. Thompson was better the second time around, allowing just two runs in 4 23 innings on July 3.

Here are the lineups for today.