Your 2023 Brewers: A younger, hungrier bunch:

The 2022 Brewers would have some significant turn over in 2023 to fit payroll constraints. The Hader trade is step in this direction. There are a number of other players that are in the later years of arbitration and they cost a bunch of money. Of those, it was determined that Hader was the most expensive and at that price -- the most expendable. With the Hader trade completed the Brewers have a total of $33,68 in contracted salaries for next year for three players and players buy outs. .
That seems very manageable. But they also have a whopping 18 players that are on the roster today, that would qualify for arbitration. Those player's current salaries are $49.525 million. But they won't all be around next year. But those that stay will get some hefty raises. (Burnes, Renfroe, Lauer, Caratini...) Probably 15 out of the 20 will remain with the Brewers and I would anticipate total costs of arb players to increase by 30% to about $64M

I believe that the Brewers will partake in a significant youth movement next year and as such end up with a reduced payroll and still have some room to spend if they so choose.

The 2023 Brewers:


Yelich under contract

Ruiz Pre-Arb

Renfroe: Last year of arbitration

Taylor: Pre - Arb

Fifth Outfielder/DH: Yet to be determined and a place holder until a rookie comes up.


Tellez: 2nd year arbitration

Turang: Rookie

Adames: 2nd year arbitration

Urias: 2nd year arbitration

Brosseau: Bench bat 1st year arb

Hiura: Bench bat 1st year arb


Caratini: Arb 3

Feliciano: rookie

Pitching Starters:

Woodruff (although I could also see him traded) Yr 3 Arb

Burnes yr 2 Arb

Lauer: Year 2 arb

Houser: Year 2 Arb

Ashby: Pre -arb


Williams: Arb 1

Bush: Arb 3

Cousins: Pre-arb

Milner Arb 1

Suter (could get DFA) Arb 4

Topa: pre arbitration.

Arbitration costs: $64M + contracts $33M + 6 pre-arbitration players = $102M

This is a much more healthy segment of the Brewers players being pre-arbitration. It provides more flexibility.

This year's total salaries were $131,930. Salaries going away are Cain, Hader, Wong, McCutchen and Rogers.

So the Brewers could, if they aren't cheap, have $30M in payroll flexibility going into next year to improve this team. That provides Stearns with much more room to deal than he had either at the beginning of this year or at the trade deadline.