MLB in Nashville

So this is happening:

It seems as if no matter how much MA works to bring a championship to the Nashville Sounds some folks in Nashville won't be satisfied.

There seems continual movement around Nashville starting its own MLB team. Considering that Nashville has a bigger population than Milwaukee and the potential for a larger tv viewership (Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville) I have often wondered why Nashville is the minor league affiliate and the Milwaukee Brewers are the MLB team.

But even though bigger than the Milwaukee market, Nashville will not come into the league as a large market team. And we have seen how expansion teams, even with a large population base (Tampa Bay, Miami) have struggled to maintain competitiveness and relevance.

I once again propose a co-located team between Nashville and Milwaukee. Each city could host 41 regular season games with greater ticket demand. The tv markets and population bases would be large enough to warrant a big market budget. Nashville would not have to start everything over and would enter the league with some financial and operational strength. For the Brewers, this could be the best option for a team that can annually compete for a World Series title.

The biggest additional expense is for a stadium in Nashville -- which I am sure that they are looking for public support. There is public support for football stadiums that only have games 9 times a year, I don't think the 42 games vs 82 would be a detriment, if the team could make the case for better baseball.

Is 41 home games and a big market budget better than 82 home games and continually being the little team that can't?