Pitching Staff

While I like some of the pitchers brought in this offseason isn't the pitching staff for the most part already settled? We've watched the shuttle system for years, but with certain pitchers a must to be on the staff due to talent and the remaining arms being out of options. It almost seems to me there wont be much of a shuttle system this season. I guess we could assume that there will be a pitcher on the injured list most of the season which would allow them to use multiple replacements.

Here's how I see the staff:

  1. Burnes
  2. Woodruff
  3. Lauer
  4. Peralta
  5. MIley
  6. Wilson, Bryce
  7. Houser
  8. Ashby
  9. Williams
  10. Varland
  11. Bush
  12. Milner
  13. Guerra
  14. Paympas
And I think only 13 will be kept. That may even be a rule.

Still left off are Cousins, Junk, Peguero, and Strzelecki who should all have options.

Just seems to me that there isn't as much flexibility as in years past. Possiblly a couple of them could pass thru waivers and assigned to AAA. Just my thoughts.