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Matt Arnold discusses Craig Counsell, Corbin Burnes, young talent in season-ending press conference

Arnold fielded questions from reporters regarding the uncertainties the Brewers face for 2024

Syndication: Journal Sentinel Mike De Sisti / The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

Brewers Senior Vice President and General Manager Matt Arnold held a season-ending press conference on Tuesday morning. While such press conferences often feature some non-answers and executive speak, Arnold did address the team’s stance on the futures of manager Craig Counsell and pitcher Corbin Burnes.

Arnold reiterated the organization’s preference for Counsell to remain as manager after his contract expires at the end of October. That said, he will not rush Counsell into a decision.

“We’re not going to put any timetable on Craig,” Arnold said. “He’s our top choice here for sure.”

With Counsell’s future uncertain, Arnold said the Brewers have not made any decisions regarding the rest of the coaching staff.

Regarding Burnes, a trade candidate as he enters his final year of team control, Arnold left the door open for a move but said he anticipates the right-hander pitching for the Brewers next season.

“I would expect him to be a Brewer next year,” Arnold said.

Brandon Woodruff and Willy Adames are also due to be free agents after the 2024 season, but Arnold downplayed concerns about their futures. He said the club would be “extremely comfortable” with Burnes, Woodruff, and Adames entering next year as Brewers on expiring contracts.

Arnold also looked back on a 2023 season in which the Brewers won 92 games in the regular season but were swept at home by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL Wild Card Series.

“We’re disappointed with the ending,” he said, referring to the Wild Card Series, “but we’re not disappointed with our season. I think there’s a distinction between the two.”

Arnold stated that the Brewers will move forward with an “across-the-board” assessment of areas for improvement and reiterated that the organization’s goal is to win the World Series.

He also touched on prospects who could make an impact in 2024.

Arnold noted that the organization has promoted its young talent quickly through the minor leagues with the hope that they will help the big-league team sooner than later.

“We want to move these guys through the system,” he said. “We want them to help us here.”

In particular, Arnold said that Tyler Black would be in the mix at both third and first base early next season.

Arnold also touched on pitching prospect Jacob Misiorowski, who made it to Double-A Biloxi this year before being shut down with arm fatigue. The Brewers still view Misiorowski as a potential frontline starter, Arnold said.