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Postgame wrap-up from Game 1 of NL Wild Card Series

Here’s what the teams had to say following Game 1

MLB: Wildcard-Arizona Diamondbacks at Milwaukee Brewers Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

After the Brewers’ Game 1 loss to the Diamondbacks, there was plenty to discuss and look at from the game. Let’s look through it all here.

First of all, the question of who the Game 2 starter will be was answered: Freddy Peralta. With the Brewers facing elimination, it makes sense to pitch Peralta in Game 2. Leaving him on the bench to not pitch would not be good if the Brewers do get eliminated.

Corbin Burnes got the Game 1 start and pitched well in the first two innings, but then fell off in the third and fourth innings. Here’s what Burnes had to say about his start.

Yeah, first time through we did well. We attacked the zone, got ahead, got weak contact when we needed to. Second time through, we just made too many mistakes up in the zone. The ball Carroll hit wasn’t a bad changeup, but to hit it like that does well in the changeup in the zone. We have to be better there.

The hit that Marte hit was an elevated cutter, and the next inning, it was an elevated slider to Moreno. It was just lack of executing pitches. And in a postseason game, giving up homers like that, it’s a difference maker.

On the other side, Corbin Carroll talked about hitting a home run in his postseason debut and where it ranks in moments from his rookie year.

I mean, pretty high. I think we’ve all felt it and all said it and just bought into the fact that this is why we do it, right? This is why we play this game. To be able to come through for the team in a game like this just is an incredible feeling.

Christian Walker also spoke about Carroll’s home run and how it sparked the team’s offense.

Yeah, that was the spark. It just kind of let everybody know, hey, we’re in this. You know, the confidence to see somebody turn around a good pitch, it was like, hey, stay locked in. He is going to make mistakes, but that was the spark. It kind of took the edge off.

You know, we’ve had some good — some good success off of him this year, but every situation is different. Every start is different. So, to swing at the bat two runs, all of a sudden, it’s a one-run game. It changes everything.

The Brewers had two big baserunning mistakes in the game. Evan Longoria made a leaping grab in the fifth and caught Willy Adames off of second base for a double play. Then a bobbled ball by Longoria in the sixth turned into an out when Yelich ran through second and couldn’t get back. Here’s what Counsell had to say about that.

We caught a bad break out on the — when Yelich got called out at second base. Kind of just making the turn and the bobble and kind of, what are you going to do there?

I think [Willy Adames] probably read over his head, and it was probably two inches from being over his head, and unfortunately it cost us for sure. He made an aggressive lead. It turned out to be the wrong one.

To start the eighth inning, Craig Counsell chose to pinch hit for Brice Turang with Jesse Winker, who had just returned from the IL and had not played in a major league game since July 24. Winker ended up striking out on three pitches and appeared to injure himself on the second swing. When asked about that at-bat, here’s what Craig Counsell had to say.

The Brewers had to dig deep into their bullpen after Corbin Burnes only pitched four-plus innings in his Game 1 start. They used six relievers in total, which included a 31-pitch appearance by Devin Williams. When asked about the pitching plan, here’s what Counsell had to say: a three-game series, you lose Game 1, your back is up against the wall, and you have faced adversity, and we have to respond to it. It’s as simple as that.

We’ll be fine in the bullpen tomorrow. No concerns there. We have to just come out and play a good game.

Devin Williams also spoke with reporters after the game. He recognized that he wasn’t locating his pitches well but is ready to go back out for Game 2 tomorrow.

On the other side, the Diamondbacks had to cover 6 13 innings after Brandon Pfaadt’s short start. Here’s what manager Torey Lovullo had to say about it.

I wish we got more out of Brandon Pfaadt. I just felt like once he got to a certain point, we had a gassed-up bullpen, knowing that Zac is going tomorrow with Merrill on the backside of that, that we could maneuver a little bit to keep this game close. It was one after the other that came in and executed and did a really good job. I know Ryne Nelson — we fell one inning short, and Kevin Ginkel picked him up. That’s why it was a team effort. Ryne Nelson, I wanted to get him through that inning and maybe extend him into the next inning as well. That didn’t work out, but that’s what we have a team for, and they all picked one another up.

There was also a short update on Brandon Woodruff’s injury, but it’s nothing significant. He’ll get his second opinion on his shoulder injury late this week with a doctor he’s seen in the past.

As for the Diamondbacks, they made a roster change right before Game 1 when Jake McCarthy was pulled from the roster and replaced with Jace Peterson. Manager Torey Lovullo had an injury update on him.

There was a move late in the afternoon here. I think it was his first round at BP. He talked about taking a swing and feeling something grab him back here. So, he has an oblique strain. I don’t have a lot of information about what number it is. I just know that it was serious enough that we maneuvered and put Jace Peterson on the roster in his place. Jake is officially out of the series, and I’ll get a diagnosis for you in the coming day.

Finally, it you’re looking for some home for Game 2, Adam McCalvy has a stat for you.

This series isn’t over. It’s definitely a tough road ahead to get through the next two games, but it’s not impossible.