The Wrigleyville Rat, an ode to Graig.

I've walked wrigleyville a thousand times
Still this world never seemed colder
Compromised a thousand times to the will of money in my mind.

Reality never hit so fucking hard
Crushed by endless desperation, endless surrender of free agents
Retrace the steps of Am Fam Field

Is this what I have become?

What the fuck have I become?

Security, illusion for the weak
Refuge, sought in routine
Another gear in Marks fucking machine

See, Graig can win the rat race
But he's still nothing but a fucking rat
So seek that crown
Because in wrigleyville fools true ignorance reigns supreme

I see Chicago for what it is

A monument to the depths of human misery
Retrace the steps of am fam field.

What have we become?