To Pin or Not To Pin?

Hey BCB, is it time to unpin the Draft Signings article and it's 351 comments from the fourth position in the article lineup?

I get leaving it there this long, there have been days gone by where 351 comments was a thing to celebrate and hold onto as a standard to try and best but after this past week that number seems silly.

Is it a glitch in the system? Eddie, did you break the toggle switch on the way out the door back in the day and now it can only be flipped to its off position with use of a screwdriver and the BCB offices high up on the 25th floor of the BMO Tower are currently out of orange juice?

Has everyone's phone reset the comments indicating a whole bunch of new ones even though they have all been read and no new have been posted for months? (FT btw for this)

Maybe the article should be replace with Free Agency Signing Tracker? Will there be a need for such an article this offseason?

How come I don't see a "insert poll" option for my Fanposts?

So many questions I have, feel free to answer any or all and add your deep questions to the comments! (even though Sandy says your comments over here on Fanposts don't count or matter)

Let's talk.