Alternate Reality MVBrewer #7

Welp, that was a landslide. By a massive margin, Willy Adames is our 6th MVBrewer from the 2023 season.

  1. Willy Adames - 10
  2. Brandon Woodruff - 1
But folks! Let's get involved! These players are people, too, and deserve your consideration as we get down to the end. Plus, if we don't get a better turnout, I might just have to extend this five more rounds. And who wants to think that hard?

So far:
  1. William Contreras
  2. Corbin Burnes
  3. Christian Yelich
  4. Devin Williams
  5. Freddy Peralta
  6. Willy Adames
Enjoy your end-of-week and weekend!