You won't believe the jaw-dropping situation that Cyber Goofpal uncovered that is completely not click-bait

Honk, honk!

I've learned a lot by reading the Fanposts here that seem to be removed quickly. For instance:

  • Some dude went to hell, came back, and explained that they play Rihanna music there. (adds up)
  • There are a lot of great ways to make money gambling online, including baccarat, handball, slots, and ro sham bo.
  • Princess Diana is dead. (noted)

While we have all been enjoying these incredibly long posts that have nothing to do with Brewer baseball, look at what you've learned (if you read real fast before they are taken down).

You know what hasn't been noted here amid all of this bullroar? THIS!!!!-

So, look for this in Arizona next season4XDTEJZHRNAY3N5KJYHIAQJBBU.0.jpg

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