Things I Want To See This Spring Training:

1. Healthy pitching: Yes, the Brewers have already gotten some bad news on this front, but hopefully that is the end of it. There are two pitchers that were big parts of the Brewers 2021 season that missed significant time due to injuries in 2022: Peralta and Cousins. If they can show they are healthy and ready to go for a full 2023 season, it makes this team significantly stronger. Peralta, even though they will have to monitor his innings, could give the Brewers that third stud starting pitcher that can take the pressure off of a young bullpen and win some games on his own. Cousins was really good in 2021 (.270 ERA, 13.2 K/9). If this is the Cousins that we see in 2023, he answers the questions about who is the set up guy for Williams and makes the whole pen much more solid.

2. Competition: Spring training is more fun when there is competition for jobs and playing time. And there should be a lot of competition this year. The recent addition of minor league signings just adds to this. But beyond competition for roster spots is some competition for playing time. Other than Adames, and to some degree Tellez, can any position player say they are going to get 140 starts this year? Ore even 130? Even Yelich can't say that with the rookies pushing hard and competition from Winker for LF/DH position. There is also real competition for the fifth or sixth starting pither and two or three bullpens spots.

3. Youth: There are rookies pushing for roster spots. And even if those don't happen on April 1, they want to make their mark and be ready to be called up. Beyond these players, Chourio and Quero will be in big league camp so we can all forecast hall of fame careers based on eight at bats and one or two decent defensive plays. Spring training is all about youth and the eternal hope of every fan that the next prospect is the answer to all of the team's problems. 2022 had position certainty and great expectations but it lacked this type of hopefulness.

Here's to spring! Here's to hope. Here's to Brewers hitting the field and us fans dreaming of summer.